Image of The Beauty Within


Image of The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within is the third story of the Armstrong sisters, and now it is Cressida’s time to shine. Not as wildly dramatic as the other two tales, this is a character-driven story about where true beauty lies and how it is awakened to blossom into a powerful love. Many will be moved by this quietly tender romance even though the leisurely pace and slow-moving plot may detract for some readers.

As the plain bluestocking of her family, Lady Cressida Armstrong has put all thoughts of marriage out of her mind, focusing her interest on science. Giovanni di Matteo, the famed Italian artist commissioned by her father, finds Cressida unconventionally beautiful. Cressida inspires him to experiment with his craft. Giovanni appeals to Cressida’s scientific study of proportions, and she agrees to pose for portraits. In their private world, Giovanni awakens Cressida to pleasure and she awakens him to seeing life — encouraging him to make amends for past mistakes and allowing their love to heal his soul. (HARLEQUIN, May, 288 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin