Image of Beauty's Beast


Image of Beauty's Beast
BEAUTY’S BEAST (4.5) by Jenna Kernan: Seer and bear shifter Samantha Proud reveals her power by taking mercy on a soul, and must escape to the home of a family friend when her own family is attacked because she revealed herself. Once there, she meets Alon Garza. Alon is a ghost child of the evil god Nagi and has the power to destroy souls. Determined to keep his father from taking over the world, Alon is on a quest to stop the other ghost children from being killed by Nagi. Samantha believes the ghost children should join with the shifters already fighting against Nagi. Kernan’s creative descriptions and interesting mythology — loosely based on Native American Lakota myth — will keep readers hooked from start to finish.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay