The Gossip Girl books are nothing less than scrumptious, naughty little books for teens searching for their inner bad girls. Because I'm Worth It, the fourth book in this delicious series, continues to entertain with tales of sex, drugs and poetic rock 'n' roll on Manhattan's posh Upper East Side.

It's Fashion Week, there's a huge snowstorm and all the rich and beautifuls are waiting to hear if they've received early acceptance to the prestigious colleges of their choice. In the midst of this fabulousness, someone will struggle with his or her marijuana habit, someone else will lose his or her virginity and three of the lovelies will shoot to instant fame—as if their lives weren't perfect enough.

Gossip Girl doesn't take itself too seriously. You'll feel like you're reading an irresistibly juicy—and thankfully long—gossip magazine. Thank goodness the rich are here to entertain us with their absurd lives. (Being perfect is so complicated!) Indulge in this sinful pleasure and prepare yourself for the next book. (Oct., 234 pp., $8.99)

Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris