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by Kathryn Shay

Genre: Series

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A hard-hitting newspaper editor faces the difficult challenge of giving unbiased coverage of the man responsible for sending her brother to prison and destroying her family. Displayed at a pace that slows somewhat in the middle, the rich characterization and emotional intensity of BECAUSE ITS CHRISTMAS (3) by Kathryn Shay will make you pull out a hanky for more than one intensely moving scene.

Reviewed By: Renae Dryer

Publisher: Harlequin

Published: December 1998

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4 Stars

Average Rating: 4 Stars
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Because It's Christmas

Submitted by Robin in PA on September 13, 2014 - 2:46pm.

Lacey Cartwright has returned to her hometown to care for her ailing grandfather and take over the family newspaper. Her scathing articles about the local high school and its principal, Seth Taylor, show everyone what she thinks of Seth's work with children. She and her grandfather blame Seth for her brother being kicked out of school and eventually sent to prison. But when
Seth invites her to sit in on some of the school committee meetings, Lacey sees another side of the hardworking school administrator. He cares abut the children and their well-being. He also wonders if he could have done things differently where Lacey's brother was concerned. As Lacey and Seth grow closer and outside problems keep pulling them apart, they wonder if they will ever be able to build a life together.

This is the second book in Shay's Bayview Heights series. Kathryn Shay has written an emotional story. The plot could have went many directions. I'm happy to see the author didn't go for the easy fix (getting the brother out of prison) and had the characters actually solve their problems. My rating: 4 Stars.