Image of Because We Belong: A Because You Are Mine Novel


Image of Because We Belong: A Because You Are Mine Novel

Engaged couple Ian and Francesca join us once again in another fine installment of the Because You Are Mine serial. The anticipation builds, as one can almost sense the dark family secrets about to be revealed. Kery gives readers the opportunity to resolve the differences between characters and come to terms with what they’re all about. It’s intense, unpredictable and the author portrays the hero and heroine’s desire for each other as explosive. A satisfying read, with the perfect mixture of mystery and masochistic mayhem.

Francesca and Ian are planning their wedding and exploring every way possible to reach another level of intimacy. But Ian’s stress is mounting because his mother is ill, and then he unearths mysteries surrounding his family. When his mother dies, Ian disappears. Francesca is floored. Not even six months ago, her fiancé professed that his company and her love are what he cares about most. Now he has forsaken them both. Francesca wonders if they can rekindle the passion they shared when, and if, Ian returns. Could she ever give herself to another man if he doesn’t come back? (BERKLEY, Nov., 368 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi