Orphaned vicars daughter Samantha Northrop is about to lose her home when a stranger pounds on her door one dark night. She has no idea that her orderly, quiet life will be turned upside down.

Yale Carderock is the dukes disinherited prodigal son, returned from making his fortune in Ceylon. He has come home to prove his worth to his family only to discover his father has died.

When he is stricken with a fever, Samantha nurses him and the scandalized villagers insist Samantha wed the man known as Mr. Browne. Yale does the honorable thing and proposes. Samantha is forced to accept, marrying Yale without knowing his true identity.

What begins as a marriage in name only becomes one of blistering passion, until Yales brother arrives and reveals his identity. Angered by Yales perfidy, Samantha refuses to share his bed.

Samantha moves from the quiet English countryside to start a new life in London but she cannot deny her love for Yale, nor will he allow his beautiful wife to get away.

Cathy Maxwell brings both a luscious sense of humor and a special poignancy to her romances that allow readers to laugh and cry simultaneously. Youll savor BECAUSE OF YOU. SENSUAL (Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin