Sabella Rios knows that she is the rightful owner of the majestic Southern California ranch, Lindo Vista. Her birthright had been stolen long ago by Burt Burnett's father, but Sabella has a plan to regain Lindo Vista. She will seduce and marry Burt and when she is sure she carries his child, she will cheat him out of his heir and leave him.

Burt is enthralled with the blonde temptress he meets by "accident" and breaks his previous engagement to marry Sabella.

Sabella quickly finds her cold-hearted plans melting as she falls in love with her passionate, sensual husband. He might be her enemy, but he is the only one who can turn her blood to molten fire. Now, Sabella fears what will happen when Burt discovers her deception.

Though Sabella's betrayal wounds Burt, there are others whose jealousy threatens his land, Lindo Vista's future, and their lives. Only the strength of their love and the redeeming power of forgiveness will help Sabella and Burt conquer disaster.

Nan Ryan builds steaming tension and heats up the pages in the way that only she can. She sweeps you away and draws you into this tale of revenge and passion that will certainly ignite your imagination and set the night on fire. VERY SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin