Image of The Bed and the Bachelor (Byrons of Braebourne)


Image of The Bed and the Bachelor (Byrons of Braebourne)

The delectable fifth installment of the The Byrons of Braebourne features the most scholarly of the “mad, bad and dangerous” Byrons. Warren delights fans as she infuses a spy thriller with heated sensuality and a lively cast of characters. There may be few surprises, but readers will not be disappointed as Warren weaves her romantic spell.

As the fourth of the Byron brothers, Drake is the least dangerous. A scholar, he is far too busy to make mayhem and madness. Engrossed in deciphering Napoleon’s latest codes, he pays little attention to the beautiful young housekeeper he hires. To protect her family Sebastianne Dumont has been forced to spy for the French. She must uncover how far Drake has gotten in breaking the code. The attraction that sparks between them puts a crimp in her mission. How can she betray Drake when she loves him? Sebastianne may have to break her heart to save those she loves, unless Drake trusts her enough to embark on a dangerous mission. (AVON, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin