Image of In Bed with the Duke


Image of In Bed with the Duke

Dodd returns to her
historical romance roots
as if she'd never left the genre or her Governess Bride series. She's crafted a glittering adventure romance that enthralls, captivates and enchants with an alluring backdrop, dynamic characters and deep sensuality. Welcome home, Ms. Dodd!

Michael Durant, the long-lost heir to the Duke of Nevitt, is more than he appears. Bent on justice and revenge, he rides the high roads as the Reaper, feeding into the legend of the dead king's return. All goes according to plan until the night he encounters demure lady's companion Emma Chegwidden. Due to an embarrassing mistake Emma is fired from her position, rescued by the mysterious Reaper and given hope.

But Emma becomes a pawn in the dark political games of the ruling family when Prince Sandre wants her as his wife. Michael cannot stand by and do nothing. He risks much for Emma and discovers that she matches his courage and passion. (SIGNET, Mar., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin