Eight years ago Julie Morrison fled Baxter, Ohio, and her hellish home life. Her only regret was leaving behind her five-year-old half-brother, Peter. When she started a new life in Memphis, she was forced to completely disavow her past.

While attending a dinner with her fiancé, Steve, and his parents, Julie is shocked to run into her old neighbor. Zach McRae has come to Memphis to take part in a high-profile court case. Weeks ago, he was forced to confront his biological father, the man responsible for his mother's death. Not wanting to explain his emotional turmoil to his adoptive family, Zach tries to bury the pain.

Both Julie and Zach are about to find that burying the past does not keep it from resurfacing. For Julie, the news that her parents have been arrested comes as no great surprise, but the fact that thirteen-year-old Peter is being placed in foster care does. For the sake of her younger brother, Julie must face the lies and the past.

Powerful emotions and family ties always make Teresa Hill's novels rich, rewarding experiences. Picking up with the McRae family once again feels like visiting old, dear friends. (Mar., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith