IN BED WITH THE OPPOSITION (4.5) by Kathie DeNosky: They’ve been political rivals since grammar school, and now Brad Price and Abigail Langley have declared war over the ultimate prize: presidency of the Texas Cattleman’s Club. Unfortunately, at the same time, Brad is also trying to learn the ins and outs of fatherhood, as he’s become guardian to his late brother’s infant daughter and he’s not above asking the enemy for a little help. Abigail finds herself playing mommy more often than the pain in her heart can bear, and her sizzling attraction to Brad is firing her senses into a cloud of confusion. While their public battle wages on, their personal life becomes wrapped around one small baby girl. It’s almost a crime to see the end of this ongoing battle between Brad and Abby, as over the course of the series their fiery wit and feud have almost overwhelmed all the other ongoing romances.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper