While it's unlikely that political campaign romances will ever become a major subgenre, after devouring this tale by Stephanie Draven, contemporary romance fans will be left wanting to get their hands on many more. At times, readers may want to slap rigid heroine Grace, but only because she is crazy for not wanting to fall for irresistible hero Ethan Castle.

As a hard-working assistant to a senator running for re-election, Grace Santiago lives her life by a strict set of rules. Ever since the scandal that led her to drop out of law school, she plays by the rules, refusing to risk everything she's worked for. Suddenly, the source of all of her past troubles walks back in her life in the form of handsome, sexy and charming campaign managing superstar Ethan Castle. Their uncontainable desire for each other threatens to destroy Grace's career. Will she allow Ethan back into her life and continue where they left off? Or will she turn her back on passion and sacrifice all for politics? (ENTANGLED, Aug., dl., $2.99) *Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
HL Bailey