The last place Miles St. Ashford wants to be is Graystone Abbey, but when Queen Victoria hears rumors that a ghost is haunting the abbey she insists Miles investigate the reports.

Lady Alyssa Gray is considered a spinster by society. Perfectly content to remain in her ancestral home, tending her garden and running the estate, she has no desire for a man visiting the abbey-a man reputed to be a rake and a rogue.

However, Alyssa has to admit that there have been unusual occurrences recently. Suddenly the family ghost has been seen, ancient roses begin to bloom, the man known as the "Hermit" makes appearances and it seems that someone might be trying to kill her.

Though he is not usually attracted to "bluestockings," Miles is fascinated by Alyssa and when he realizes she is being courted by another and that her life is in danger he steps in to make her his wife. This only sweeps them deeper into a world of intrigue, danger and surprises.

BED OF ROSES is a funny, sensuous romp of a read. Suzanne Simmons delights you with her quirky characters, dry witty dialogue and humorous plot. Readers who enjoy a love and laughter mystery will find themselves completely satisfied with Ms. Simmon's latest. SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin