Image of Bedded For The Italian's Pleasure


Image of Bedded For The Italian's Pleasure
Juliet Lawrence is at a crossroads. Her ex-husband stole her trust fund and she isn't trained for any employment. An old acquaintance, Cary Daniels, needs a pretend-girlfriend to get back in the good graces of his grandmother so he'll inherit a fortune. Out of desperation Juliet agrees, something she deeply regrets after meeting Cary's grandmother and his cousin Raphael Marchese. Juliet and Rafe are extremely attracted to each other, but since she's "engaged" to his cousin, they don't act on it. But Rafe senses something is amiss. Juliet doesn't act like a woman in love. Anne Mather's Bedded for the Italian's Pleasure (4) is a heartwarming story about two people in need of love finding each other in unexpected circumstances. The secondary characters add depth and charm.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers