Image of Bedded, Or Wedded?


Image of Bedded, Or Wedded?
When wealthy Frenchman Xavier Lauran's brother falls for a woman his family might not approve of, Xavier investigates. When he meets Lissa Stephens, his fears are confirmed. But what he doesn't want to recognize is the intense attraction he feels. When he thinks his brother is out of her life, the two begin a whirlwind affair. But during their idyll, Xavier suspects she's lied to him and lets her have it with both barrels. What will happen when Xavier learns the truth? Julia James' well-plotted story drops hints here and there until the whole picture is revealed. Lissa and Xavier are an explosive pair, and the emotional highs and lows in Bedded, or Wedded? (4.5) lead to a wonderful final payoff.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers