Image of Bedded by the Warrior


Image of Bedded by the Warrior

Lynn weaves an intricate tapestry full
of royal intrigue, slavery and revenge. Caught in the middle are the queen's lady spy and the king's man. An arranged marriage brings them together, but love may tear them apart. The story is well written and captivating
until the last surrender.

Lady Sarah of Remy doesn't know or trust her new husband, William of Bronwyn. Queen Eleanor promises Sarah her freedom if she will find out William's secret business with King Henry. William sees the advantages in their marriage. Then his archenemy finds them and kidnaps Sarah, and William risks his life to save hers. No sooner are they safe than King Henry arrives with more intrigue, and Sarah is caught in the middle. If she betrays the queen, her life is forfeit; if she betrays William, he loses his.

When William learns of her treachery, he asks for an annulment. Their future was built on a moment's whim, and now the newlyweds must find their way toward each other or lose love's last chance. (HARLEQUIN, Jun., 200 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer