Image of Bedding the Heiress (Cameron Sisters)


Image of Bedding the Heiress (Cameron Sisters)

Maxwell tops off her list
of fabulous romances with a scintillating tale of a woman determined to reclaim her family honor by being most improper. The mayhem that follows is what Maxwell fans expect, and what they want from
a storyteller who brilliantly combines humor with poignancy. Maxwell's fast-paced latest has sensuality, characters and a plot you won't forget.

Out to catch a rake at his own game and reclaim her lost necklace, Francesca Dunroy plans to lure the rogue into the garden. Instead, she encounters Justin Maddox, the Duke of Colster's long-lost twin, who has just reclaimed his title and a kiss from Francesca.

Though he's a duke, Justin was raised in Scotland and despises English aristocracy. He vows never to marry, but one kiss and he's thinking of breaking his pledge. But Francesca must find her mother's necklace, foil a blackmailer's scheme and use her wits to outsmart Justin -- not an easy task, since he's intent on taking more than a kiss. Plus, Justin carries the secret of the legendary Sword of the MacKenna, placing them in danger. He must rescue Francesca from her crazy schemes and preserve the sword's safety. (Avon, Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin