Image of Bedding Lord Ned (Duchess of Love)


Image of Bedding Lord Ned (Duchess of Love)

A pair of red drawers, a thieving cat, enchanting characters and the matchmaking Duchess of Love set the tone for MacKenzie’s new series. With capable hands, she blends a touch of poignancy with just the right amount of humor into this delightful love story.

Miss Eleanor Bowman is practically on the shelf, but she always attends the Duchess of Greycliffe’s annual Valentine house party. The duchess’s heart’s desire is to see her son, Ned, and Ellie wed. After coming to grips with his wife’s death, Ned is disinclined to love again. But the duchess’s cat stirs things up when he pilfers Ellie’s red silk drawers and deposits them in Ned’s room. Ned begins to see Ellie differently: Now he realizes she is more than meets the eye. He must let go of his fear and allow Ellie to show him the joys of loving, living and laughing. (ZEBRA, Jun., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond