After ten years at school Annie ONeal returns to the Outer Banks to find that her father has mysteriously died yet she is ill prepared for the rugged life of this wild and beautiful wilderness.

It seems that her only help comes from the her fathers young friend, the Indian Tmaho, but Annie is unwilling to trust a savage, especially one she believes might have harmed an innocent young woman.

When Tmahos sister is brutally beaten and comes to Annie for help, Annie confuses Tmaho with the attacker. It is only after she realizes that he could not possibly be ruthless that she begins to accept him.

Tmaho is half-amused and half-attracted by Annies determination to stick it out in the frontier. He begins teaching her survival skills. It is inevitable that they fall in love.

But there are others who conspire against them and injustice, misunderstanding and jealousy cause problems for the lovers.

Bronwyn Williams presents a unique portrait of a time and place often ignored by romance writers. The beauty and ruggedness of these wonderful islands provides a striking backdrop for what might otherwise be a typical Indian romance. Fans of frontier, colonial and Indian romances have a real treat in BEDEVILED. Sensual (Mar., 389 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin