Image of Bedtime for Bonsai


Image of Bedtime for Bonsai

This wonderful story has the heroine
in the role of romantic pursuer and
a hero that really has a past he
wants to overcome. A puppy plays
a pivotal yet minor role, and the appearance of secondary characters from previous stories makes for
enjoyable continuity. This is a totally entertaining romance, with a nice
surprise at the end.

When Penelope Porter's puppy goes missing, Dylan Mersey, the new owner of the business across the street from her pet store, returns him. Discovering he's an ex-con doesn't stop Penny from finding him unacceptably attractive -- unacceptable to her, anyway.

Dylan just wants to make a fresh start. Though Penny had thought about getting back with her cheating ex-husband, it ends up being Dylan she starts imagining a future with. But Dylan is sure he can never fit into Penny's social circle, and anyway, there's still a favor he must repay -- one that may destroy his fresh start and land him back in jail. (Avon, Dec., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley