Lang’s talent shines through in this first of the Gilded Legacy series. She clearly depicts the difference between grace — an undeserved gift — and mercy — when one is spared a deserved punishment. The grandeur of the era is evident in the story, the charming characters, the beautifully descriptive prose and even the cover!

As a student at the exclusive Madame Marisse’s School for Girls, Meg Davenport has been trained to be a proper lady who will marry and live a well-to-do life. But Meg longs to be free from society’s expectations. She has a hard time grieving her father’s death, as she felt she never knew him, especially when she learns he was a successful thief. Meg is determined to make her father posthumously proud of her … by following in his footsteps. Will her attempts at recapturing the past with her father cost Meg her future freedom and love? (TYNDALE, Jul., 416 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee