Image of Begging for Trouble: A Dog Walker Mystery


Image of Begging for Trouble: A Dog Walker Mystery

Primo dog walker Ellie has more than a gift for talking to her four-legged charges. She’s also got a talent for getting caught up in her boyfriend’s murder investigations. McCoy puts her in the action with flair and an easy humor.

Ellie’s finally persuaded her boyfriend, cop Sam, to watch one of her favorite clients, Rob Chesney, strut his stuff onstage with the city’s best drag queens when she finds out some of the screaming isn’t from the fans, especially when Rob is found backstage, standing over a body with the murder weapon in his hand. He claims he’s innocent and Ellie believes him. Too bad the only witness is a dog named Bitsy. Ellie can’t get anything out of the nervous pup; maybe a pet psychic would be of help? Despite Sam’s protests, she digs in to solve the case. (SIGNET, Mar., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper