Image of Beginnings: A Samhain Anthology


Image of Beginnings: A Samhain Anthology

This first anthology from Samhain authors is a mix of contemporary, sci-fi, historical, paranormal and time-travel stories. The heroes are warriors from the future and the past as well as vampires and, believe it or not, a shape-shifter who turns into a moose. The sexual content is firecracker hot. Even the most blase reader should find something that tickles her fancy.

When Lottie tries to outrun a prediction of death in Andrus' "The Last Prophecy," she collides with a mountain of a man who shape-shifts into a moose. Moira's hope to discover more about her deceased grandmother has her taking a walk in the past and into a night of wild lovemaking with a Druid laird in Davies' "Ritual Love."

James' "Babe in Woods," ventures to the mountains as city girl Lacy embarks on a backpacking trip and winds up with handsome and fake trail guide Sam. It's sci-fi all the way in Kane's "A Touch of Magic" when Tirana leads an excursion to another world and finds love with Loren, a man worth taking laser fire for. McKade's historical, "A Warrior's Witch," pits witch Sabine, who has a beastly side to her, with hunky Conall, who definitely has a bite of his own. Teglia's "Night Music" slows things down with a female rock singer who is dying. The only thing or person who can save her is the sensual vampire Romney. (Samhain, Apr., 283 pp., $14.50)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith