The third legend in the Four Soldiers quartet is
a magical love story that reads like a mystical fable and a very real and highly passionate romance. Hoyt has found a unique niche that highlights both her storytelling abilities and her considerable talents for depth of character and emotion.

Desperate to be free of her protector, Helen Fitzwilliam takes her children to Sir Alistair Munroe's castle, where she poses as his new housekeeper. Since Alistair returned from the colonies physically and emotionally scarred, he has hidden away in his dusty old keep. At first he sees only Helen's beauty, but as she and the children make changes in his life, he glimpses her compassion, bravery and intelligence.

Helen makes a home out of a castle and finds love with a man who appreciates her. But her protector will never allow her freedom. As her past comes crashing down on them, Alistair learns to fight for what he wants. (FOREVER, May, 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin