Arnette Lamb has enchanted us with her tales of Lachlan MacKenzie and his quartet of daughters, and with BEGUILED she takes us into the heart of the clan's tomboy, Agnes MacKenzie.

Amidst the beauty and reverence of her sister Sarah's wedding, Agnes follows her instincts and stops a poisoned arrow from striking Edward Napier.

Edward uses his medical skills to save Agnes' life. Against her father's wishes Agnes extracts Edward's promise that he will allow her to accompany him and his children to Glasgow where she silently vows to be his bodyguard.

Widowed and trying to raise his children, Edward still refuses to let the brave young woman risk her life to ferret out his unknown enemies. By bringing her with him, Edward hopes to keep her safe from more harm, but can anyone keep her safe from him?

Long ago Agnes decided that she would never wed until she could find her long lost sister and right the wrong she committed years before. Yet Edward's kindness, his intelligence, gentleness and passion arouse strong feelings in her.

Agnes is such a remarkable woman, that Edward is intrigued by her headstrong manner, unswerving loyalty and the deep passion hidden within her soul. As the threat of danger to Edward mounts, Agnes finds herself surrendering to love and risking everything to save the man who has come to mean more to her than life itself.

Arnette Lamb beguiles her readers with this latest installment in the MacKenzie saga. This delightfully fast-paced, sensual romance has it all. Sit back and savor BEGUILED. SENSUAL (May, 299 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin