In the eagerly awaited sequel to Devoted, Alice Borchardt brings readers back to a world rich in history, earthy sensuality, mysticism, magic and violence.

Owen, Bishop of Chantalon and his beloved Elin rout the Viking invaders but have little time to triumph, for the Norse warrior Hakon has set his camp nearby and, with the help of noblewoman Elsbeth, is gaining strength.

When Elin discovers that Hakon has resorted to treachery, sending one of his men to commit murder with the help of one of her own women, she and Owen realize he must go for help. Owen sets out to find his kinsmen. Unfortunately he meets up with a band of Bretons who will give him his freedom only if he renounces Elin.

Elin has been marshaling the townsfolk, doing her best to hold off Hakon and his plans. Intelligent, schooled in the old and new arts, she must use all her wisdom, patience and courage to preserve their community and hold on to her faith in Owen's love.

Alice Borchardt brings history to life through such vivid and colorful descriptions, earthy, bawdy dialogue and lush prose that readers are transported into the era. Her dazzling talents shine more brightly in BEGUILED as she weaves a spell with eloquent prose and vibrant characters. Magical and historically accurate, BEGUILED will enthrall readers. SENSUAL (Reprint, Jan., 496 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin