Image of Behind Boardroom Doors


Image of Behind Boardroom Doors

BEHIND BOARDROOM DOORS (4.5) by Jennifer Lewis: The Kincaid family is still reeling from their father’s murder when their mother is charged with the crime. RJ Kincaid is relying on his administrative assistant Brooke Nichols to keep the company running when an unplanned kiss makes him see her differently. Brooke has been in love with RJ from the beginning, and she knows that an affair between them could be disastrous for the career she has nurtured, but before she knows it, they’re doing a lot more at their late-night meetings. But her real concern is RJ’s reaction when he finds out that it was her testimony that had his mother arrested. As readers delve deeper into the Kincaid’s secrets, the family becomes more fascinating, endearing and compelling.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper