The Red Doors is a classy chain of boutiques where men come to find the perfect gifts for their loves. Romance abounds BEHIND THE RED DOORS.

To attract customers, Faith brings in a 27-carat diamond in "The Diamond Mine" and agrees to let a police officer protect the stone. She gets Lt. Carter Grayson, whom Faith walked away from a year ago when she realized he couldn't commit. Now, he's determined to prove her wrong. Bond takes her non-communicative twosome on quite a journey, as each pretends they feel nothing for the other.

Jamie is sure her blue-collar background will show in this "new world" she's entered—especially when it comes to any dreams she might have about Dev Sherman. Dev is just as certain that a woman as intelligent as Jamie could never have anything in common with a former frat boy like him. What neither realizes is that love doesn't recognize status or IQ points. Thompson provides Valentine's fantasies for readers in "Heaven Scent."

When Tony Santori picks his sister-in-law's name in a secret Santa event, his brother begs him to help fix their sex life by buying her a sexy get-up. While visiting one of the boutiques' kiosks, he feeds in his dream woman's information and gets a face on the computer screen; too bad she isn't real. With a good sense of romance, and a hero willing to fall for a dream, Kelly captures the spirit of the season in "Sheer Delights." (Jan., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson