Image of The Beholder


Image of The Beholder

THE BEHOLDER (4) by Connie Hall: After empath Nina Rainwater realizes that Kane Van Cleave, a lion shapeshifter, is hiding the presence of a dangerous gleaner from his clan, Kane takes her captive to keep her from telling what she knows. Nina soon learns that the gleaner, a damaged shapeshifter who needs to take the life force from others to survive, is Kane’s younger brother, Ethan. She decides to help Kane track Ethan down and try to save him. Unfortunately, someone from Kane’s clan is determined to sabotage their plan. The Beholder has an interesting storyline and plenty of action. While a shapeshifting hero isn’t a new idea, using a lion as the shifting animal is novel — as is the idea of one having to consume the life force of others to survive.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay