Funny. Enjoyable. Magical. Ms. Alexander breathes new life into the legend of Sir Galahad, turning it into a fast-paced, rip-roaring, wildly romantic adventure, complete with a cast of knights, ladies and wizards. Readers will be so enthralled that a few historical inaccuracies can easily be forgotten.

English professor Tessa St. James despises Arthurian legends. When a man claiming to be Merlin, Wizard Extraordinaire and Counselor to Kings, introduces himself, she is skeptical. Unfortunately, Merlin is not amused and transports her back in time to the English Dark Ages to teach her a lesson.

Seeing is believing and before long, Tessa is a convert. However, the lesson is not easily learned and Merlin orders her to accompany Sir Galahad on his quest.

Tessa doesn't mind teaming up with "Sir Hunk,"...but he does. Galahad refuses to escort a "mere woman" on his important, manly and dangerous quest. But he is overruled by King Arthur and Merlin.

Tessa and Galahad set out on their journey armed with nothing more than a map and a riddle. She quickly proves that she is not a damsel in distress, but courageous, smart, and quick thinking. This is especially apparent as the duo face dragons, witches and enemies who will kill to stop them from finding the Holy Grail.

(July, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer