Image of To Believe (Broken Roads)


Image of To Believe (Broken Roads)

The age-old premise of simple country folk vs. rich city people may seem trite, but Brown makes this story seem new. From a whirlwind romance to a wedding to a divorce with a kidnapping and a rescue thrown in just in case your interest starts to waver -- fat chance -- this novel has something
for everyone. It's not only a page-
turner, it's a keeper. Brown hits a
home run with this one.

Police officer Rosanna Cahill loves her family and her life in the country. But then fate intervenes in the form of Colin Vance Field III, or Trey, as he is known, a rich city businessman. While Trey hates everything in Rosie's life, he is enchanted by Rosie herself. For her part, she feels the same. They marry four weeks later and divorce four years after so that Trey can marry a woman who will save his family's business.

Rosie heads home to begin picking up the pieces of her life when she learns that Trey's been kidnapped. Using her tracking skills, she searches for Trey. Will they be able to awaken long-lost feelings -- and will they make it out alive? (AVALON, Feb., 240 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler