Image of Believing the Lie (Inspector Lynley Mystery, Book 17)


Image of Believing the Lie (Inspector Lynley Mystery, Book 17)

The 17th Inspector Lynley novel finds Lynley still struggling to get his bearings after his life was shattered. Like all George novels, the plot is extraordinarily complex and layered with emotional and social issues. Family secrets reverberate throughout this tale, giving it a dark, melancholy tone that is punctuated with treachery and lies. George is a true master of tragic psychological suspense.

As his unwise affair with his superior officer begins to fray, Inspector Lynley is ordered by top brass to look into the supposed accidental death of Ian Cresswell. The request to investigate is coming from wealthy and powerful Bernard Fairclough, who fears his prodigal son Nicholas might be involved. Lynley recruits Simon and Deborah St. James to help in this undercover operation. As Lynley and Deborah begin probing, they find many disturbing secrets and multiple motives for murder. As the investigation expands, Lynley also enlists the help of his old partner Barbara Havers who is involved in another family drama. (DUTTON, Jan., 624 pp., $28.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith