After months of trying to jump-start her career as a chef, Angie Amalfi might have finally hit on the right recipe. Comical Cakes was born almost by accident, but its taking off in short order. Some people have very strange senses of humor, and Angie is willing to cater to their wishes. Even if it means baking a very creepy cake for a goth dance club called Crypt Macabre.

Angies significant other, SF homicide detective Paavo Smith, is also finding things on the street a bit creepy when he becomes involved in several murder cases where the victims heart has been removed. Is there a satanic cult operating in the area? A homeless man, who may or may not be psychotic, certainly believes so. Mason Makowitz swears that the beast is among them and is responsible for the killings. Mason also claims that Angie has been targeted.

All Angie wants to do is finally be successful at somethingshe doesnt have time for satanic rituals and horrific murders. However, with Angies luck, she is bound to wind up deep in the thick of things.

BELL, COOK AND CANDLE continues the high energy and high fun factor in the ongoing series of Angie and Paavo mysteries. Author Joanne Pence has an amazing knack for building fascinating characters and compelling plotlines. (Jan., 336 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith