Image of Belong to Me (A Wicked Lovers Novel)


Image of Belong to Me (A Wicked Lovers Novel)

This suspenseful entry in Black’s Wicked Lovers series keeps you guessing until the “aha” moment when you cannot wait for the villain to get a comeuppance. The dom/sub relationship gets a little dicey because Tara is so feisty that it escalates Logan’s dominant nature.

Logan cannot believe that the sub he is supposed to train is the girl he had to turn aside when they were 16 — the only woman he has ever loved. Tara isn’t thrilled either, but her good friend has been captured by a sex ring, and her FBI boss gives her no choice. She relents but remains furious. Although she is submissive by nature, she rebels against Logan due to their prior history. He won’t tell her it’s because whoever murdered his mother threatened her life as well. When Tara’s FBI partner backs out, Logan steps into the breach. (HEAT, Oct., 400 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown