BELOVED completes the Rossmara Quartet with another fine, wickedly sexy tale from the talented Ms. Cameron.

Taken from a London hellhole as a child, Ella Rossmara has grown up with the taint of scandal. One man, Saber, Lord Avenell, has always been her friend and when Ella sees that Saber needs her, she is determined to help.

Returning from India emotionally and physically scarred, Saber hides himself away until the clever Ella forces his hand. He has tried for years not to love the beautiful young girl and now he believes she is beyond his reach.

But Ella doesn't see his disfigured face, only the goodness in his heart. She understands the Saber's demons, for she has many ghosts of her own. Using the power of her unconditional love, Ella makes herself irresistible to Saber.

When Ella is threatened by her past, Saber agrees to marry her for her protection, but Ella does not want protection, she wants love and knows that she will risk anything, even returning to Lushbottom's and her childhood horrors, to drive away the past and claim the happiness they both deserve.

Lush and provocative, BELOVED is just what readers expect from Stella Cameron. (Oct., 416 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin