Hearts will ache for Ruby as she holds
on to her new faith through adversity. Y'Barbo's story shows the stark difference between God's promises and man's promises, and readers familiar with the series will enjoy catching up with characters, even though this story can stand alone. You'll definitely want more!

Wanting to forget her sordid past, Claire O'Connor changes her name to Ruby O'Shea and begins a new life in Fairweather Keys. Then a dangerous man from her past shows up, putting her in peril.

Preacher Micah Tate is attracted to Ruby and promises to protect her if she marries him. Although Ruby attempts to warn Micah of her past, he doesn't want to hear it and vows to protect and love her unconditionally. But vows are easily broken. Can Micah keep his promise at all costs? (BARBOUR, May, 288 pp., $10.97)
Reviewed by: 
Chandra McNeil