Lt. Meagan AnFlena is a senior pilot in Earthforce, flying a single pilot fighter. Although Earth has been at war with the Gaians for four years, the Gaians are life-loving and try to avoid killing if possible, which leaves Mea with admiration for the enemy. But when the battle cruiser that is her base is captured, she refuses to surrender and flies her ship to a planet empty of intelligent life, with a Gaian in determined pursuit.

On the planet, Gaian Kavath locates Mea and makes the unwelcome discovery that she is not only a woman but also one of the few he can become "attached" to. Mea and Kavath make a temporary truce, which develops into much more as they spend time together. Yet when rescue arrives, Mea knows they must go their separate ways.

This is a wonderful story, reminiscent of Barry B. Longyear's Enemy Mine. It includes exciting action, an interesting world and two wonderfully likable and fascinating main characters who share some splendid love scenes. The backgrounds of Mea and Kavath are well developed and make this a nice, character-driven tale. This book should not be missed. (dl $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley