Catriona Douglas is fiercely loyal to her father, her sisters, her clan and her country, yet her unshakable allegiance is tested when she meets Rene Faurer.

Though his father had been renowned for his bravery, Rene is believed to be traitor to the cause of the Bruce and young King David. Flaunting his alliance with Scotland's enemy, Rene plays a dangerous game and the flame-haired Cat only adds passion to the tangled web that has ensnared him.

Even knowing that her infatuation for Rene is a sacrilege, a forbidden love, Catriona surrenders to her need for the handsome, embittered knight. Little does she know that their affair turns them into pawns in a royal game of intrigue, betrayal, treachery and honor. Rene's secrets and Cat's courage continually work to bring the lovers together and apart.

Rich in history, dialect and lush detail, BELOVED HONOR is a feast for anyone who loves Scotland and her tangled history. Cat and Rene are mere players in a bigger tale of political power and treachery that sets the backdrop for this captivating novel. More than a romance, BELOVED KNIGHT is Mallory Burgess' testimony to Scottish courage and devotion to freedom. SENSUAL (June, 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin