"No bride of the Maclean will live long or happily and every Maclean will suffer for it." When his clan is imperiled, Rory Maclean hopes to negotiate a peace between the Macleans and the Campbells—but not with a marriage.

Felicia Campbell refuses to marry the brutal man chosen by her father. When she runs away she's kidnapped by the Macleans who, mistaking her for the laird's daughter, Janet Campbell, bring her to Rory as his bride.

Fearing Rory's wrath over the mix-up, Felicia must continue the charade. Since he has no wish to wed, nor fall in love, which would invoke the centuries-old curse, Rory tries not to be tempted by the lovely, lively "Janet."

The beauty of falling in love, the vivid historical backdrop and even the suspense of the curse are not the driving forces of this superb romance. It's Potter's unique gift for creating unforgettable characters and delving into the deepest parts of their hearts that endears her to readers. This is another masterpiece from a writer who always delivers what romance readers want: a love story to always remember. SENSUAL (Sep., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin