Along with his brothers, Lachlan McLean hopes to break an ancient curse. He fights alongside his king until he's wounded in battle and left for dead.

Before her husband's death, Kimbra Charleston rode beside him and his men. To protect her daughter and her home, she's bound to the family and forced to follow their will, even if it means robbing the dead. But when she finds Lachlan among the bodies, she defies the clan, secretly bringing him home.

With no memory of his past, Lachlan allows Kimbra to care for him. As his wounds heal, snatches of memories return -- glimpses of blood and betrayal that only Kimbra's warmth can soothe. Though he's a stranger and her enemy, Kimbra knows he's a good man from the kindness he shows her daughter. But he's a Scot, like the men who killed her husband, and she's wary of allowing him into her heart -- until she realizes the risks he takes for her.

Potter's well-crafted characters and stories take your breath away with their depth of emotion and heartfelt insight. Her latest uplifts the spirit and shows the innate goodness of mankind and the joy of love. SENSUAL (Feb., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin