Lock the door, turn off the television and hide the phone before starting this book, because it's impossible to put down! It's set in the same world as A Vampire's Claim and The Mark of the Vampire Queen, but newcomers will have no trouble understanding past events. The story
is full of action, intrigue, danger, history and sexual tension, and it's peppered with steamy sexual encounters between Mason the vampire and Jessica, his third-marked servant, that are worth waiting for. The happy ending will please any romance fan, and the sex scenes are sure to satisfy. This is definitely a keeper!

Jessica escapes from five years of sadistic torture at the hands of her vampire master Raithe, only to be saved from dying by Mason -- another vampire. Mason and his household do their best to heal Jessica's mind from the horrors she experienced at Raithe's hands, yet she wonders if she will ever have a normal life.

Meanwhile, the Vampire Council wants to execute Jessica for killing Raithe, and Jessica's obsession with the diary of Farida, Mason's beloved human servant who was brutally killed three centuries ago, threatens to lock Mason into his own tragic past. (HEAT, Aug., 464 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes