Image of Beloved Warrior (Beloved Series)


Image of Beloved Warrior (Beloved Series)

Potter returns to the clan Maclean, creating the mesmerizing and powerful story of Patrick, who comes home after captivity and must adjust to a changed world, one where he can have the revenge he seeks and claim the woman he loves. It's a story of family, redemption and the ultimate healing power of love. It's also a story with historical and contemporary meaning that resonates as well today as it would have in the past.

Fleeing his home, Patrick Maclean takes to the sea. When his ship is captured, he's held hostage by the Spaniards and forced to labor on the oars for six years. He plots a successful mutiny and returns home to claim his rightful place as laird, seeking the revenge on his father and brothers that has gnawed at him during his captivity. But when Patrick gains his freedom, he acquires a hostage, a fiery Spanish noblewoman who is traveling to Britain.

Forced to marry or watch her mother suffer, Julianna Mendoza sails to Britain. Though the captive of a fierce Scotsman, Julianna sees beneath his anger to kindness, and if she is to rescue her mother she must find a way to prove to Patrick that he is a hero: to her, his family and his countrymen. Through her love he rediscovers himself, and with his family's help, he rethinks his motives and uses his energy for vengeance to fight for peace. (Berkley Sensation, Apr., 409 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin