Image of Below the Surface


Image of Below the Surface

Strongly plotted and well written, featuring a host of interesting characters, Harper's latest is a winner. Not quite as intriguing as some of her other books, perhaps, but definitely worth a look.

Scuba diving off the coast of southern Florida, salvage expert Briana Devon emerges at the water's surface to find that a fierce storm is brewing and both her twin sister, Daria, and their boat, Mermaid II, are missing. Briana's only option is to swim for her life, and it's a narrow escape.

Carpenter Cole De Roca finds her on the beach of the tiny barrier island where he's waiting out the storm. Meeting Cole is the only positive aspect of her terrible experience, and Bree turns to him often in the days that follow.

When Daria's fate comes to light, Bree's traumatized, but determined to find out what really happened -- and why.

(MIRA, Feb., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer