Image of Beneath Bone Lake


Image of Beneath Bone Lake

Gripping and engaging from the very first page, Thompson's novel demonstrates why she's a master of suspense and mystery. The author weaves a well-plotted tale of corruption, horror, violence and the kind of enduring love formed by an impenetrable bond of trust.

Ruby Monroe has spent the past year in Iraq, where she saw and experienced horrors no one should have to witness. Anticipating a homecoming with her sister and her young daughter, she instead finds her home has been turned into a meth lab and her daughter and sister have vanished. To find them, Ruby turns to the only man she can trust, sexy Sam McCoy, a man with a bad reputation and a past with the law.

Every fiber in Sam's being tells him to run from Ruby and her troubles. He's had a lifetime of experience with the law, and he's sure that getting involved with Ruby will only end badly for him. Still, he can't let her deal with a corrupt corporation, kidnappers, drug dealers and an assassin on her own. As tough and determined as Ruby is, she'll need his expertise and his comforting arms to make it through alive. (LOVE SPELL, Jun., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton