Image of Beneath the Patchwork Moon (A Hope Springs Novel)


Image of Beneath the Patchwork Moon (A Hope Springs Novel)

Returning to Hope Springs, Texas, is like coming home: comforting, special and relaxing. The characters in Kent’s latest might be familiar, but the story is never the same. Heroine Luna has so much passion bottled up inside waiting to escape and she channels that energy into extraordinary art, letting her craft tell a story straight from the depths of her soul. Written very much in the style of early Nora Roberts or JoAnn Ross, Kent makes Hope Springs come alive with vivid details and beautiful romance.

Ten years ago, Luna Meadows watched her best friends Sierra Caffey and Oscar Gatlin die in a horrific car accident — one she barely survived herself. This event was instrumental in shaping her future and she has kept the secrets surrounding that day for years, letting her promise of secrecy act as a shield. Now, Luna has bought the Caffey’s home out of foreclosure and hopes to bring it back to life with a nonprofit aimed at providing art and music programs in honor of her friends. She’s surprised when Angelo Caffey, her first love, returns to Hope Springs demanding the truth about the crash. Angelo calls up feelings in Luna she thought were long put to rest. (MONTLAKE, Mar., 282 pp., $12.95)
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Donna M. Brown