BENEATH A RISING MOON introduces a different and fascinating breed of werewolves, who live in a world where they don't have to to hide what they are. Though the hero comes across as a bit hard-hearted, his reasoning is understandable. The secondary characters are well rounded, and the mystery is absorbing. An admirable addition to the various werewolf legends.

Savannah, a werewolf ranger, is close to death after being attacked while investigating a murder. Now her twin sister, Neva, is on the hunt for the shape-shifter who did this. Though not a ranger, Neva has strong psychic abilities to add to her werewolf strength.

One of the Sinclair pack is believed to be the killer, so Neva decides to seduce one of the Sinclairs—Duncan, the only one clear of suspicion—to gain entrée to their mansion. However, Duncan is also searching for the killer and believes Neva has been sent to spy on him. Will they be able to sort out their differences before the killer strikes again? (Mar., 245 pp., $13.75)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley