Charles and Melanie Fraser were married while both worked as secret agents during the war with Napoleon. Now, safely in London with their children, Melanie begins to feel insecure about their love and marriage. She fears Charles is still attached to Honoria Talbot, who is about to marry his father.

Suddenly, old friend and fellow agent Francisco Doro asks for a secret meeting. Francisco is killed and Charles is wounded when they are attacked. The couple are now caught up in a deep and dark intrigue that leads them and the reader through twists and turns galore.

I was thrilled to see Charles and Melanie back again just to have another glimpse into the fascinating world of intrigue Grant creates. While others shine a light on the glittering Regency ballrooms, Grant allows candles to glow in the darkest recesses of London's hidden alleys, as her wonderful characters are again involved in plots and conspiracies. What a feast for the mystery and romance fan alike! SENSUAL (Apr., 448 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin