Mahri, a water-rat Wildling, kidnaps a Healer from the Rulers' city in order to stop a fever from ravishing her village. And in a harrowing journey home by boat across vast swamplands, Mahri discovers the special connection that she and the Healer, Prince Korl, share.

A Seer decrees that Mahri may be the only one to help this man unite the kingdom in peace, but there are many obstacles to overcome. Ultimately, Mahri's own test lies in her struggle to accept her special power and turn it into a productive force for her world.

Beneath the Thirteen Moons abounds with sea creatures, think-talkers and other such phenomena. The love angle between Prince Korl and Mahri is slow to develop, but the curious liquid land in which they live is a unique and captivating setting.

The plot also unfolds in a compelling manner, and Mahri, with all her strength and tenacity, is an endearing heroine. (Feb., 234 pp., $27.95)
Reviewed by: 
Avery MacKibben