Many colorful lives cross in a sweeping story of seduction, betrayal and romance that moves from ancient Egypt to revolutionary France and back again.

Vampire Francois has been seduced and cursed to immortality by Tatiana, a scheming vampire from ancient Egypt, circa 2660 B.C. When Francois learns of Louis DeLaCroix's ability to travel through time, they leave 1790 France and travel back to the Pharaoh Djoser's kingdom. Here they meet, among others, the goddess Isis. Francois is determined to stop Tatiana before she becomes a vampire. He also has a chance to become human again, his fondest wish.

This complex story, skillfully told in supple prose, draws readers into a magical, intensely dramatic world. Van Horne's formidable skills make it all seem effortless. (Jul., 550 pp., $11.55)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison