Image of Beside a Dreamswept Sea (The Seascape Trilogy)


Image of Beside a Dreamswept Sea (The Seascape Trilogy)

A tender poignancy makes this chapter in the saga of the mystical Seascape Inn all the more special. Fans will be especially touched, but the premise of this series is starting to wear a bit thin.

Concern for his nine-year-old daughter, Suzie, prompts attorney Bryce Richards to pack up his three kids and visit the magical Seascape Inn. Friends have told Bryce that Miss Hattie and the Inn can heal troubled souls. Since the death of her mother, Suzie has been plagued by terrifying nightmares.

Resident ghost Tony Freeport immediately realizes that Suzie's nightmares are no ordinary dreams. Tony risks angering the powers that be by entering into her dreams so she will not be alone.

All Cally Tate wanted was to build a family and be cherished by them. Her disastrous first marriage to an unscrupulous manipulator would have left her financially ruined if not for her husband's attorney, Bryce Richards, who ensured Cally receive alimony.

Needing an escape, Cally heads for Seascape Inn. From the moment she sees the Richards children, Cally is captivated by them. Cally also finds herself warming emotionally to Bryce. However, Bryce has not been able to put his marriage behind him.

Tony will have his hands full trying to convince these wary souls that they are made for each other. Plus he has his own worries, for violating the "rules" may cost Tony what he holds most dear: contact with Miss Hattie, the love of his life.

(June, 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith